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Ed Schultz

How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class

Another really good book and a quick read much along the lines of Huffington's book.  He also has  good t.v. and radio shows

Editorial Reviews

The middle class, where the greatness of this nation is rooted, is under siege by an increasingly unethical system, managed by economic vampires who are sucking the lifeblood out of the American family and ripping the heart out of democracy itself. Big money--and the politicians who are swayed by it--play both parties against each other, using this false battle to distract most of us from the real war, which is a war against the American family.

This is it, folks . . . the moment of truth. This will be the moment historians will look back upon and either say it was the moment this great ship of state corrected its course, or the moment it sailed completely away from its democratic ideals.

To succeed, we have to reach back and rediscover our greatness. Progress may not come as fast as we, in our impatience and impertinence, demand. But if we are patient and persistent, it will come.

All good things in life require a heavy lift, so roll up your sleeves. We are not done yet.

According to a 2008 Pew Report, more than half of all Americans self-identify as middle class--but the actual number of Americans with middle-class incomes is declining. The middle class is going away. As increasing numbers of Americans are faced with obstacles to education, health care, jobs, and equity, the middle class as a financial bracket is being replaced by the middle class as little more than a state of mind. The richest Americans are growing exponentially wealthier, while the rest of us struggle to bear the financial and emotional burdens of an increasingly broken system.

In Killer Politics, Ed Schultz pulls the wool back from our eyes, shows us what the state of the middle class really is, and gives us the tools we need to fight back.

--from Killer Politics

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RE: Ed Schultz

I'd be interested in that. I used to enjoy Olbermann, I like ODonnell (I think even more)  and Rachel too, but by the time we watch one hour, we usually either switch channels or turn the TV off.


 Are you sufficiently frightened now? Trump wants you to be.



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