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Post Info TOPIC: A story about my first ancestor

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A story about my first ancestor


One of my earliest ancestors was Ardipithecus ramidus, Ardi for short. He lived about five million years ago. He doesn't really look too much different from modern chimpanzees, except he walked upright but still had a large toe splayed outward for life in the trees. Of course he doesn't really speak but if he could, it might go like this:

Bog and I had just awakened on that hot African afternoon when Bog looked over at me from his nest high in the acacia tree and said, You know, it seems to me that the trees we nested in when we were young were a lot higher than this and we didnt get all scratched up every day trying to build nest in these darn thorny acacias! What happened anyhow?  Well Bog, I said as I put on my sage face, When we were kids, there were a lot more trees, and bigger too. Why, I remember granddaddy Huk saying

Bog wasnt the most well mannered Ape around so he interrupted my story with, Listen, I dont wanna hear another of your granddaddy Huk stories, let's get our skinny butts out of this here thorny tree and go on walkabout, Ive got a mighty hunger for fat, juicy, termite grubs and I see a mound yonder that looks promising

When we got on the ground, we were on all four feet and we couldnt see anything for all the tall grass and weeds, so I stood up to get my bearings and to locate the termite mound. All of his talk about fat juicy termite grubs had me drooling! Bog was a little nervous cause he had seen a leopard prowling around the neighborhood last night and we both felt a little apprehensive about being on the ground, but a termite mound was worth it!

We figured the thing to do was to stand upright and walk over there so we could see all around and watch for predators and keep an eye on that termite mound too. It was a little tough walking on our hind legs like that, but it was worth it.

When we got there, we found that mound to be hard as a rock! How in the heck are we going to break into it? Bog had the bright idea of getting a big rock and trying to smash it, so we tried that for a while. All it did was to chip off some sharp corners here and there and we still hadnt broken in and while he was doing that, the rock bounced off and mashed my toe! Damn clumsy Ape! 

I found a long sharp rock splinter on a rock outcropping nearby and stabbed the mound a few times and that seemed to be working! Soon we had dug a big hole in the side of it and feasted on grubs til we dropped! Well, not really, but we were full and the sun was getting low, so we raced back to our tree.

I learned a valuable lesson today, standing up for what you believe in and carrying a sharp rock is the key to success!



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RE: A story about my first ancestor


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